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I started my fascination with family history when I was young, in the 1980’s, when my father asked a local family friend to look into the ancestry of his surname and whether our ancestors had lived in our Leicestershire village all those years. This local family friend was a historian in his own right and he had researched many ancestors who had their roots settled in our village of Wymondham. He later wrote the book “A History of Wymondham, Leicestershire.”, a beautiful big red book that I shall treasure when I have my own copy one day!
My father wanted to know if his grandfather, William Lambert, was born in our village and his father before him. Indeed he was a local but not in our beloved village. He came from nearby Buckminster and Sewstern where the Lamberts resided for 4 generations before George Lambert came to Wymondham to buy the local bakery. Our historian friend was able to find all the Lamberts from these two local villages, still in Leicestershire, but the surprise was that they came from a long connection with Lincolnshire!
Lincolnshire was only a mile from us to the east but it was a county that I was never very keen on, having been born and bred a Leicestershire gal. My first forage into family history stemmed from these two simple pages that our local historian produced.
I was just fascinated with the fact that this could be done and started doing some inputting of this information into a computer program. In those days, I remember we had a BBC Micro B computer and there was just the one program available - GEDCOM.
However, since then I did not, sadly, continue with the new hobby until around the time I moved to Bristol in 1996. Encouraged by a      
close local friend, I restarted my hobby and it has grown ever since covering a wide range of surnames and locations, going as far as Scotland, South Wales, Somerset, Lincolnshire (I love the county now!), and a dip into the United States of America and even possibly Canada! My surname now, Buoy, is a very rare surname and according to the Taliesin website, as at 2002, there are only 47 Buoys in England and Wales!
I have been able to go back to the very beginning of the 1700’s for the Buoy name, including variants such as Booy, Bouy and Bwy.  My research has showed that 5 generations of the Buoy family lived in the village of West Kington, Wiltshire, until a William Buoy moved to Newton St Loe in Somerset which is the other side of Bath from West Kington. I hope to be able to conduct a one-name study for the county of Wiltshire and neighbouring counties.
The  Lambert name has reached as far back to 1760’s where a William Lambert married Anne Woolerton in Buckminster in 1762 but as far as I can ascertain, neither were born in this village. So the hunt continues...
These two surnames are not the only ones that I have researched, I have also explored the different branches of both trees and this has led me to discover new people and places all over the UK including Ireland and Australia.
Friends and family have sought out my experience to help them create their family trees, the most recent one was for my mother’s cousin’s 50th wedding anniversary when I presented them with a 6-generation family tree along with a book detailing their ancestor’s lives throughout the censuses from 1841 to 1911.
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